Mia Jaye, the founder of The MOM•E•O brand and visionary behind the “Respectfully MOM•E•O” social cause advocacy, initiated the Black Men Deserve to Grow Old campaign after losing her brother to black intraracial crime in 2020. After her brother was shot and robbed at his place of business, and later died Mia realized how common violence against members of the same race is prevalent within the black community. In November 2021, Mia tragically loss her fiance and the father of her children to the same act of violence that she experienced with her brother and what started out as a social cause campaign ignited into a streetwear advocacy brand. that invites the entire black community to advocate for the men of their community to live out their life in full and positively impact the Black Community.




To create fashionable streetwear apparel that addresses black people's problems head on with the goal to solve them one sale at a time

To single-handedly help individual families impacted by intraracial violent crime financially and mentally.

To identify as many variables as possible to the high black crime equation, find organizations that specifically aims to answer the problem and amplify their voice and presence by utilizing the BMDTGO platform

To serve as an economic conduit for organizations that aim to solve the problem of the high black crime equation

To incite black people to take responsibility to fix this complex, systemically designed issue that is plaguing our community and stop looking to the GOVT to fix it!

To encourage the culture to be socially responsible

Charity Component:

We are a streetwear fashion brand that drives revenue to donate 25% of our sales to BMDTGO Cares fund to help those impacted by violent crime and to support organizations that provide resources serve as a benefactor, community amplifier, an accountability partner to the black community to raise awareness surrounding the problem and directly impact families and support organizations by donating a portion of BMDTGO advocacy merch to these causes and initiatives.


Hope & Healing Playlist

In life, we all take L's (losses) of all sorts... some are small and some are huge... so this playlist was created to help you better surf your wave of emotions whether you have the urge to cry, dance, sit in stillness or give God his glory... there is a song just for you to help #ColorYourGrief