Shun Boyd

Shun “Black” Boyd is the name my brother went by because he didn’t like his biological name. His family called him Shun and his friends called him Black. He was a loving man who had a heart of gold! He would give you his last. He loved being a father, his children were his everything and he would do anything for them. He was not only a great father figure for his children, he also stepped in to be great father figures to numerous children in his neighborhood whose fathers were not alive or present. 

Shun passed away on November 4, 2020. Until this day we are not sure what happened to my brother but we do know his life was taken due to gun violence. 

The loss of my brother impacted our family in ways we could never imagine. Little did he know, he was the glue that kept everyone together. To have a life taken so suddenly is a different feeling, one that you can never be understood. His sons have to go through life without their father. They have no male figure that they can come to for advice when life gets hard. My mother, sister, and I no longer have someone to call for advice as well and we no longer have our protector. I can’t imagine losing a child or parent , so I know the loss of my brother is extremely hard on my mother and nephews. Ever since I was a child dreaming of my wedding, my brother was the person who would walk me down the aisle, and this can never happen. I’m trying to put into words how our lives have changed but you really can’t because that feeling is a void that can never be filled.

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