Jeremy Jerdine

I’m Kenya Jerdine, the wife of Jeremy Jerdine (15 yrs). Jeremy was a son, a brother, an uncle , a friend, a husband however most importantly he was a father. Jeremy was a father to a 19 (d), 14 (s), 12 (d) and 8 year old (s). We were a very happy family. We made tons of traditions together and created hundreds of memories together. Jeremy was the patriarch of our family. He helped instill morals and principles within me and our children that only the head of a household could do. He created structure in our home and he filled it with love. His presence in our home meant everything to each of us. We would all get so excited when he came home at the end of his work day. His presence at the end of our day would make our home and our hearts feel complete. My children’s prayer at the dinner table would always include “please let daddy make it home safely”. Now that he’s gone to be with the Lord prematurely at age 33 because of senseless gun violence, I’m now  a widowed mother of 4. I'm working tirelessly daily to fill the role of both my husband and I. The hardest part is raising our children alone with the intent of being sure that my children beat the odds/statistics that are in place for fatherless children. The individual who killed my husband not only took my husband but you took the HEAD of our household, our foundation, our structure, our future, our father, our support system, in fact you took everything away from us. He was our everything. Now my daily prayer is “Jesus give me the strength to carry my cross (widowhood) as you carried your cross”. “Jesus give me the knowledge, power & understanding to raise my children physically alone”. 

My husband, my children’s father; Deserved to grow old. 

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